Monday, 28 April 2008

Bat Lapbook

Their second venture into Science was about Bats done last year or maybe the year before around Halloween.

Antartica Lapbook

This lapbook was done by my son. The front cover has the picture cut down the middle so opens up with a little on each side.

This page on the right hand side has information flaps on the resources of Antartica, tourism, land management, weather conditions, and a small piece on Robert Scott and Roald Armundsen. The centre page has a food web.

Penguins Lapbook

This was my daughter's first science lapbook done about Penguins; their habitat; life cycle; food web; fact cards on the different varieties and a small leaflet on Antartica. You can just about make out the concertina folded tape measure which measures two varieties of penguins.
The above picture shows the many species and where they are located around the world and a bunch of fact cards on each one.

The Vikings Lapbook

This lapbook was done after reading Slave Girl by Jackie French. The worksheets were all free off the internet. We had lots of fun doing this lapbook. We dyed fabric using onions and beetroot and made a clay brooch.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Romans Lapbook

This lapbook has a booklet about Romulus and Remus and a Roman Soldier on the left -hand side; Invasions of Britain by Julius Caesar booklet and The Roman Army booklet on the right-hand side; the middle consists of a Queen Boudicca biography.

Under Boudicca is information about Caratacus and a map of the Tribal Divisions in Britain, and on the right-hand side there is an autobiography of Julius Caesar along with a picture. The biography is continued under the green flap also.

Timeline and map showing the land that the Romans conquered in the world.

Goddess Venus and a Roman Numeral clock.

Little Soldier's Game that my daughter made. You need lots of pebbles to play but they have fallen out of the lapbook over the years.

Tudor Lapbook

I've finally set up this blog (with the help of my son) to 'show off' the lapbooks and other wonderful work of my two home educated children.
Please bear with me as this is a steep learning curve, but so far I'm loving every minute of it and who knows it may lead to a full blown blog about our home edding adventures.

Their first lapbook, done just after coming out of school (3 years ago) was on the Tudors; as this is what they had been doing at school I wanted to have some sort of continuation of their studies.