Saturday, 25 September 2010

Back to normal?

We're trying to get back to normal which hasn't been easy because there's been lots of building projects going on, but we're getting there slowly.

My youngest has finished painting and decorating her room a lovely toffee colour. I wasn't sure about the colour at first but now it's all done and accessories are in place I think it look really good.

Hubby and son have finished working down the 'alley' too. They've put in a longer and lower workbench and installed the computers so that they can work down there together instead of my son being upstairs on his own. So far it's going well and they are both being very productive.

My eldest daughter has started college doing her A levels again but this time she is loving it, so I don't think she'll be leaving halfway through.

The bathroom has been stripped of paper and has plaster boards on the walls awaiting the tiles. The bath has been moved slightly with new taps and shower added but now we are changing the sink too so I've started saying my mantra again... it'll be lovely when it's finished ;o)

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Thank you

I've been away for few weeks hence the quietness of my blog; inpart due to not having computer access and inpart due to the fact that I don't know what the family have been getting up to whilst I've been away.

The house is still standing, the washing is up-to-date and nothing appears to be burnt so the cooking and ironing must have gone well :o)

I just want to thank my hubby for stepping in and taking care of everything while I dashed down to be with my mam, of course you didn't do it all on your own, I heard you had a few little helpers, so thank you all for making hard times a little easier, I love and appreciate you all xx