Monday, 5 May 2008

Heart Lapbook

Had a lovely bank holiday weekend; spent most of it in the garden either replanting/weeding or lazing in the sun! Here's my daughter's rabbit sitting on his hutch enjoying the sun too.
Below is my son's experiment: he left an orange out in glass and we watched the mould grow. It looked very fuzzy and hairy but you can't really tell from the photo.

We all finished the heart lapbook this week too, yes it was a joint effort in the end as it had been hanging around for a while and just wasn't getting done so I ended up putting the velcro on bits and pieces to get it finished. My daughter decorated the outside and they both finished off the questions. It was a freebie from Knowledge Box Central I think, it was so long ago that I can't really remember.

The flap above was added by us as the lapbook didn't have anything in it about 'the parts of the blood' something that I felt was pretty important considering they were studying the heart!

The two photos above were taken of the 'naming the parts of the heart' and 'naming the flow of the blood through the heart' game.

Thursday, 1 May 2008


My son has progressed onto digilapbooking now, with thanks to threads started on another lapbooking group. It already appears on a few other blogs so I thought I really should have it on mine too!

This means nothing to me but he says he's done it using Shockwave Flash. He's kindly shown me how to do a link with the picture too.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

This lapbook was done by my son a while back. I'm making the piccies a little bigger than the previous ones so that you can see the work, as I don't think the other size did the work justice.

Information about earthquakes is on the left and volcanoes on the right. The centre has two grids with holes in, to place over the text to allow you to read about either topic. I thought this was quite an original idea of my son's, and it works really well too.

The above is a comprehension game, the info is on one side of the flap and the questions on the other. The answers are stuck on with velcro to allow them to stick in place.
To get a little history into the lapbook he wrote Pliny's letter on the computer. I was really impressed with the work my son did on this lapbook, as usually he tries to write as little as possible!