Friday, 21 November 2008

Rabbit lapbook (HOAC)

So what have we been up to this week? Not much really. I think we are slowing down and reserving energy ready for the christmas period ;o)

It's my eldest daughter's birthday this weekend so preparations are underway for that, such as cake baking and decorating it, present making and card making. We are looking forward to Chinese for tea. It's become a bit of a traditional in our house that on birthday's we visit the Chinese and we luurrvve it!

We have continued watching 'Little Dorrit' and 'Oceans'. This week in Science we've done about food webs, food chains and changing environments. No experiments were neccesary as my youngest remembered with a shudder, my son doing the 'woodlice environment' last year and trusted his results entirely!

My youngest has nearly finished her lapbook on Shakespeare, and read a great novel by Gary Blackwood, well 3 in 1 novels to be precise; she highly reccomends it.

My daughter also finished her HOAC Rabbit Lapbook this week; she did all the cutting out, sticking and fact finding herself and we're really pleased with the finished results. She has 2 pet rabbits so obviously knows quite abit about rabbits already but even she found out new facts about them from the lapbook.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Routine and digi lapbook

We seem to have naturally fallen into our own schedule recently. Mon, Wed and Fri = Maths, English, Science and Art, Tues and Thurs = Maths, History/Geography and helping at local Toddler group and going out. Dog walking and general exercise is a daily occurance!

Last week we explored writing non-fiction, continued with times tables, watched Twelth Night and Julius Caesar and started a Shakespeare lapbook. We took a break from Science last week as youngest wanted to look at WW1 after seeing her Grandpa in a parade marking the end of the war. We've also started watching a really good programme on oceans:
We've been sculpting soap like Michaelangelo, well I don't think he used soap but we did ;o)

We played a few games of 'Smath' last week along with Cludeo, Guess Who and Boggle

My son has finished converting a lapbook into a digi-lapbook on The Normans: just click on the coloured boxes for all to be revealed.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Maths and Cells Lapbooks

Half Term flew by in a flurry of planning and making this fabulous lapbook from Notebooking2learn. Heartfelt thanks go to Jessica as she's done all the hard work really, I've just copied them and stuck them together, but my daughter loves them!

I've always used lapbooks as a review of the topic studied, but this is to be used as a learning tool and so far so good; my daughter is asking to play the maths games and learning her tables, it's really great!
This side contains multiplication flashcards for 7-12 and a reminder for what factors and multiples are.
The middle section has domino multiplication (well worth the cutting out), dice multiplication game and Mingo (multiplication Bingo).

This is the first flap (for some reason I've put the photos up in the wrong order) it has the flashcards for 1-6.
This has been such a success at our house that I've also made a lapbook for Cells which my daughter has been working through over the last week. Below are the photos starting with the front cover which my youngest decorated with a plant cell.

This side has a matching game and flaps about the differences between plant and animal cells.

The middle flap has a microscope picture with a labelling game and different kinds of cells and their functions.

I used sticky back velcro on the right side so that my youngest could learn about 'Mrs Gren' Life Processes.

Also went to a fabulous firework display with the grandparents in Blyth, to the Cinema with Grace to see High School Musical 3, shoe shopping, painting window stickers, a lie down painting like Michaelangelo, making jewellery ready for Christmas and doing boxes for Romania as well as the usual activities at church, so all in all a good couple of weeks I think.