Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Routine and digi lapbook

We seem to have naturally fallen into our own schedule recently. Mon, Wed and Fri = Maths, English, Science and Art, Tues and Thurs = Maths, History/Geography and helping at local Toddler group and going out. Dog walking and general exercise is a daily occurance!

Last week we explored writing non-fiction, continued with times tables, watched Twelth Night and Julius Caesar and started a Shakespeare lapbook. We took a break from Science last week as youngest wanted to look at WW1 after seeing her Grandpa in a parade marking the end of the war. We've also started watching a really good programme on oceans:
We've been sculpting soap like Michaelangelo, well I don't think he used soap but we did ;o)

We played a few games of 'Smath' last week along with Cludeo, Guess Who and Boggle

My son has finished converting a lapbook into a digi-lapbook on The Normans: just click on the coloured boxes for all to be revealed.


Lisa said...

Great lapbooks - know what you mean about SL!!! RU on the Structured Home Ed Forum??

Have Fun - Live Life said...

I did join a while ago and haven't posted recently but I prefer yahoo groups :o)

circusmind said...

That is a brilliant program, I can't wait to use it!