Monday, 28 February 2011

Just had to post...

We'd just got back from our weekly shopping trip when our neighbours daughter popped round with these lovely flowers for me. Her mum had bought too many and wondered whether I'd like some, isn't that thoughtful?

Just ignore the clay bits and pieces for now, they are our attempt at vases and are just drying out before we paint them, they should be about ready now but I don't think we'll get many flowers in them, mine is the wonky one on the right :o(

Still catching up!

Aww, my children are so thoughtful. This lovely box of choccies was given to me from one of them to say 'thank you' for taking them to the hospital and keeping them company on the numerous appointments; something that I see as part of my job anyway but it is so lovely to know that I'm appreciated :o)

And now down to some 'schoolwork'. Youngest is working her way through this text book (she hopes to do an exam in it) and after a rather boring start (lots of reading) she's gotten onto the good bits, which is a little reading and lots of practical things to do on the computer.

This photo shows some print outs she did both showing different headings and how to make them stand out on a black and white printer - something she hadn't considered before because she's been using a coloured one at home. You can just about make out the heading at the top of the sheet but it's not very clear, I blame the photographer, tut! tut!

Granny kindly donated lots of wool and I mean lots. I'm not sure where we're going to put it all but youngest is putting it to good use by crotcheting a scarf.

Friday, 18 February 2011

New beginnings

This post is just a quickie to say that I haven't forgotten about posting, just being a little busy but such a lot has been happening around here over the last few months that I can't possibly get all the news into one post anyway but no doubt over time I'll get up to date with it. As for the title, well, I just feel as if it is new beginnings but more on that another day :o)
Below is the lovely basket of bulbs that we had delivered as a 'thank you' gift from my inlaws. The intention is that they can go in the garden and flower year after year.
Gingerbread people made by my daughter to take to her Tuesday night group. This is a group of like minded young women who discuss the past weeks service, what they thought to it, what they got out of it etc and have lots of laughs and love along the way (and lots of food too).

Below is Molly, we found her sleeping here after we'd stripped the beds and left the piles ready for washing, she obviously found them very comfy!

More biscuits made by my youngest, only these were for a neighbour who was feeling poorly at the time.

Below is a photo of the family's Christmas present off my daughter. She made them herself and designed the packets and everything. They tasted scrumptious, mine had maltesers and M&M's (my favourite chocolate) in a melted bar of chocolate, my mouth is watering just thinking about all that chocolate.

We've also had two birthdays in the family this month so this has meant more chocolate in the form of lovely cakes but I'm not sure whether photographs were taken but they taste yummy all the same!