Monday, 6 August 2012

Hello Again!

I do apologise for giving up on my blogging; something that I'm regretting now so a quick catch up is in order I think... the last post was in May and we were busily redesigning our garden; well I can say that this has been finished and I'm completely over the moon with it.

 We have a pond with the sound of running water near the window so we can hear it whether we are inside or out; gravel paths making crunch, crunch as you walk along which I love; four veggie patches which currently are being done in the square foot method; the outdoor animals, guinea pigs and rabbits have their own area which is safely fenced off from Chip (our Labrador, who think all animals have been put on earth solely to play with her). So all in all I feel truly blessed because my hubby has worked hard to get everything 'just so'.

I'd take some piccies but we are in the middle of a thunder and lightening storm at the moment so they will just have to wait ;o)

I'm only home educating one of my children now as my son has finished his official home education and now works here .  My daughter is currently studying animals (no surprise there), and starts her gcse English course in September whilst working part time at a local restaurant so we are busy, busy, busy :)

More catch-up another day, I have cooking to do :o)