Sunday, 25 April 2010

Industrial Revolution Lapbook

Below are the photographs of my daughter's lapbook which she completed a few months ago. It is by Hands of a Child. I can't remember the grade level of this particular one but I think it was for the older children as it had lots of detailed information in it and ended up being a huge lapbook. It took quite a while to finish it and if you look at the photographs you can see that my daughter's handwriting changes over time :o)

The front cover has lots of pictures which were in the lapbook print out available to use, so my daughter chose the best ones to decorate the cover and back of the lapbook.

Friday, 23 April 2010

St George's Day!

Happy St. George's Day!

Information on the Saint here also about home rule . Lots of interesting facts and a fabulous dragon here, here , here and lots of activities here . I was hoping to do a lapbook on St George seen as he is our saint but I just don't have any energy at the moment, maybe we can do something post St Georges Day :o)

Hope you have a fabulous day :o)

Monday, 19 April 2010

Back to Normality!

The Easter break has finished, friends back to school and our bugs have almost gone now so it was back to a bit of routine for us today. Whilst I was ill, I had plenty of time to think about our schooling life and if I'm ill again or if anything should happen to me, then my hubby just wouldn't know what we were doing or where to start so I've spent the last few days downloading stuff so that it can all be laid out for him to follow and then everything should run smoothly :o)

I don't really like timetables and plans etc as I feel so restricted/constricted by them... at least not written down ones, but my children are both of an age now where they do need some structure in their life so I've planned it all out and filed it away so that my hubby knows just what to do the next time I'm ill, so no more missed school days for the children :o)
I've also started work boxes. We will read the same books on the same days so they will always remain in the boxes, I will just update the lapbook folds/notebooking sheets as needed. Hopefully everyone will know what they should be doing each day and the home will run smoothly :o)
All this said we didn't actually do everything in 'Mondays' box but I think working on the whole person is just as important as academic work, so what didn't get started today will get started next Monday because by then we will be well and truly into the swing of things.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Digital Lapbook Designer

I'm very excited at the minute.

My son has nearly finished updating the digi lapbook program and we are testing it out for him.

Using her research from an earlier project, my youngest has made a digi lapbook about Beatrix Potter and I have to say I am very impressed. I don't know who to be more proud of, my daughter for using it and creating a fantastic piece of work or my son for creating the actual program?

Here's the link for you to have a sneak-preview of what the new program can do because I simply can't wait to show you :o) The new version also has a scroll bar at the side giving you more space to use, I think this is my favourite bit :o)


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Spring has sprung!

You know it's getting warmer when the fish come up to the top to sunbathe :o)

Above are tender buds on my clematis; I'm really pleased because I thought it had died and turned into a twig ;o) I am now looking forward to some lovely flowers in the not too distant future.

These lovely purple pansy's were planted from seed last year and should only have lasted one year but we left some in the ground to see what would happen and hey presto! they've flowered beautifully.

Photographs showing the different colours of daffodils we have in the garden.

I can't remember what this flower is called but again it was supposed to last one year but you can just make out a little red flower coming up.

Rhubarb just beginning to grow again after a dormant winter. The leaves are flourishing and getting bigger daily.

These bright yellow flowers are by the side of the pond and are gorgeous but I can't remember their names.

This is Molly, devouring a bone in the sunshine.

This is Domino, our latest addition to the rabbits. He was rescued because his owners couldn't manage him anymore; their other rabbits kept fighting with him but he is lovely and very playful.

This is the head of Pip, a very nervous guinea pig that we are looking after because the shelter is having building work done.

This is Percy, another shelter guinea pig, making a run for it when the camera came out.

All photographs taken by my youngest daughter, who I think did really well, especially capturing the animals.

Easter Lapbook

We've had a really rubbish Easter! We have been taking it in turns to be ill so very little got done around the house and all the academic learning just went out the window but that's life I suppose, we even had to cancel Easter meal due to illness!
My youngest did manage to complete a few activities during Holy week before becoming ill herself. She set to with water colours and painted this fabulous pic of an Easter egg for the front cover of her lapbook, I just love the colours.

All the printables are from hands of a child. They are doing 5dollar lapbooks now for super members so it's well worth joining up. I really don't know where I printed this game from but we enjoyed playing it, again I think she did a lovely job with the colours.

The chocolate rabbits and lollies all came from these packs bought for a few pounds from Asda. Unfortunately the lollies were eaten before I had a chance to photograph any.
I meant to post this link up before Easter but, well with one thing and another, I forgot all about it, but once again they were eaten before piccies could be taken ;o)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Here is the press release issued by Education Otherwise about our recent Victory, obviously we, as a family are all delighted by this and feel we can now take a breather until the next onslaught begins because I feel sure that there will be one, just not sure when.

Thank you to everyone who signed petitions and wrote letters to their MPs and did all the really hard work that has won us this Victory.

Right no more political jargon, well just want to say that we have a new 'coming of age' voter in our house this year and he feels very strongly about it all so he won't be voting for Labour, I guess they've well and truly lost his vote.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Digital Lapbook Designer

Here's the link to my son's programme he made a while ago to help design your own digital lapbook. He's in the process of updating it as he has learned alot of new things that he can put on it to make it even better, so please take a look and let us know what you think:

Thank you

Saturday, 3 April 2010

My oldest daughter

It has being pointed out to me that I don't blog about my oldest daughter much, so here it is the first post of April, a whole post dedicated to my oldest daughter...

We all have a flu bug kindly passed on from my oldest daughter, also some of us are getting a chest infection again kindly passed on by my oldest daughter. So you see, we do think about her alot, even though I don't post about her much (particularly at the moment when most of us are ill and can't be bothered to do anything and she is out and about having fun at work and the cinema).
And if you're reading this: Of course we all love you tons and tons really, just wish you weren't so generous with your bugs ;o)