Sunday, 25 April 2010

Industrial Revolution Lapbook

Below are the photographs of my daughter's lapbook which she completed a few months ago. It is by Hands of a Child. I can't remember the grade level of this particular one but I think it was for the older children as it had lots of detailed information in it and ended up being a huge lapbook. It took quite a while to finish it and if you look at the photographs you can see that my daughter's handwriting changes over time :o)

The front cover has lots of pictures which were in the lapbook print out available to use, so my daughter chose the best ones to decorate the cover and back of the lapbook.


hisewerachel said...

Tell your daughter she did an awesome job! We will doing our first Hands of a Child lapbook next month so I am excited to see your completed lapbook.Thank you.

Bobby and Jennifer said...

The lapbook looks good. How long did this take her? We have done two large ones. One on Cowboys and one on The Chronicles of Narnia. Both took about a month. I have put off starting the next long one until after our vacation.
By the way, I like your work bins for each day of the week.

Have Fun - Live Life said...

Thanks for the comments, my daughter loves to get feedback :o)
It took her about 2 months on and off as there was so much information and we were doing other things as well, not just the lapbook.