Tuesday, 13 April 2010


Here is the press release issued by Education Otherwise about our recent Victory, obviously we, as a family are all delighted by this and feel we can now take a breather until the next onslaught begins because I feel sure that there will be one, just not sure when.

Thank you to everyone who signed petitions and wrote letters to their MPs and did all the really hard work that has won us this Victory.

Right no more political jargon, well just want to say that we have a new 'coming of age' voter in our house this year and he feels very strongly about it all so he won't be voting for Labour, I guess they've well and truly lost his vote.

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ukkiwi said...

Woohoo thats great news, I juat left the UK at Xmas time to get back to New Zealand but was very nervous by all that was happening over there if we would have stayed as originally we had planned to.
Congratulations, lets hope thats it for a while.