Thursday, 15 April 2010

Spring has sprung!

You know it's getting warmer when the fish come up to the top to sunbathe :o)

Above are tender buds on my clematis; I'm really pleased because I thought it had died and turned into a twig ;o) I am now looking forward to some lovely flowers in the not too distant future.

These lovely purple pansy's were planted from seed last year and should only have lasted one year but we left some in the ground to see what would happen and hey presto! they've flowered beautifully.

Photographs showing the different colours of daffodils we have in the garden.

I can't remember what this flower is called but again it was supposed to last one year but you can just make out a little red flower coming up.

Rhubarb just beginning to grow again after a dormant winter. The leaves are flourishing and getting bigger daily.

These bright yellow flowers are by the side of the pond and are gorgeous but I can't remember their names.

This is Molly, devouring a bone in the sunshine.

This is Domino, our latest addition to the rabbits. He was rescued because his owners couldn't manage him anymore; their other rabbits kept fighting with him but he is lovely and very playful.

This is the head of Pip, a very nervous guinea pig that we are looking after because the shelter is having building work done.

This is Percy, another shelter guinea pig, making a run for it when the camera came out.

All photographs taken by my youngest daughter, who I think did really well, especially capturing the animals.

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