Thursday, 15 April 2010

Easter Lapbook

We've had a really rubbish Easter! We have been taking it in turns to be ill so very little got done around the house and all the academic learning just went out the window but that's life I suppose, we even had to cancel Easter meal due to illness!
My youngest did manage to complete a few activities during Holy week before becoming ill herself. She set to with water colours and painted this fabulous pic of an Easter egg for the front cover of her lapbook, I just love the colours.

All the printables are from hands of a child. They are doing 5dollar lapbooks now for super members so it's well worth joining up. I really don't know where I printed this game from but we enjoyed playing it, again I think she did a lovely job with the colours.

The chocolate rabbits and lollies all came from these packs bought for a few pounds from Asda. Unfortunately the lollies were eaten before I had a chance to photograph any.
I meant to post this link up before Easter but, well with one thing and another, I forgot all about it, but once again they were eaten before piccies could be taken ;o)


Dana said...

Very nicely done!! Way to take the initiative to finish even though Mom was ill.
Dana in Maryland

Have Fun - Live Life said...

Yes, I'm very proud of her :o)