Monday, 19 April 2010

Back to Normality!

The Easter break has finished, friends back to school and our bugs have almost gone now so it was back to a bit of routine for us today. Whilst I was ill, I had plenty of time to think about our schooling life and if I'm ill again or if anything should happen to me, then my hubby just wouldn't know what we were doing or where to start so I've spent the last few days downloading stuff so that it can all be laid out for him to follow and then everything should run smoothly :o)

I don't really like timetables and plans etc as I feel so restricted/constricted by them... at least not written down ones, but my children are both of an age now where they do need some structure in their life so I've planned it all out and filed it away so that my hubby knows just what to do the next time I'm ill, so no more missed school days for the children :o)
I've also started work boxes. We will read the same books on the same days so they will always remain in the boxes, I will just update the lapbook folds/notebooking sheets as needed. Hopefully everyone will know what they should be doing each day and the home will run smoothly :o)
All this said we didn't actually do everything in 'Mondays' box but I think working on the whole person is just as important as academic work, so what didn't get started today will get started next Monday because by then we will be well and truly into the swing of things.

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Amy in Peru said...

I like the way your workboxes are better... those in the picture! I always have a hard time with the basket stack because of having 5 kids... it would take an entire room to store them in! That way it'd be
just a shelf!

amy in peru