Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Digilapbook Finished!

My son has been updating a program he made to allow us to make digilapbooks without it being too technical ;o) I think he's done a great job but then again I'm biased, but here's the link for you to take a look and see what you think. He charges a nominal fee to help cover the cost of hosting as he's moved to a larger host now, I suppose that's the downside of it being used :o)

Here's my daughter's latest digilapbook on dogs. She bought a book from a local charity shop and worked through that. She really enjoyed using the program and found it easy to use. I think she was being used as a guinea pig for my son :o)

My hubby has a one week holiday from work so we are working in the garden putting up a new greenhouse therefore there's not much academic work getting done so once again the work boxes haven't really come into their own yet but I'm sure they will eventually.


Sheri said...

Thanks for visiting my blog-yeppers, we have been watching Molly and her owlets from b4 they were hatched. Isn't that cool? I am going to take a look see at what your son created, sound interesting! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the Digital Lapbook! I design websites but I can't imagine how to make software like you did.

I bought a copy of your program. It will help my 5 year old grandson and I get started off right with lapbooks. Thank you.

Have Fun - Live Life said...

I am so pleased that you both like the program and thanks for blogging about it Sheri, and Dana,I'm sure your grandson will have lots of fun with it, I know we do :o)

Lisa xx