Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Green House Photos

I thought this deserved a blog entry all of it's own because I'm so pleased with it :o)
In the first photo you can see the 3 tier shelves my hubby made, this is were I sow and plant because it has a wire rack top so the soil just falls straight through and back into the bag. We have a grape vine or should I say stick in the far right corner and hope for great things there and you can just make out my metal shelves from my plastic covered green house.

Below gives you a better view of the automatic windows, as you can see it was a very hot day so they were open fully, even so the greenhouse was still stifling so I had to open the door too.

Above shows the tomato seedlings which we planted and have had on the windowsill for a few weeks now. Some have been potted on and are having their first night out in the greenhouse tonight... I feel like an anxious parent on the first time a child stays away from home at night.

Above are my fabulous first time Tulips, the colour is so magnificent and striking, I'll certainly keep them and let them flower again next year. I might even plant some in the garden beds.


Daughter of the "KING" said...

Nice! I am hoping we can make our own greenhouse by recycling old windows...

Have Fun - Live Life said...

Thank you, I have great plans for the future :o)
You go for it, I would. That's what we had planned until we were given this one, so I think it should work really well.