Saturday, 8 May 2010

New Greenhouse (well, new to me)

Well, we've had a really good week with hubby being off work. We took a break from academic work purely because non was getting done ;o) instead we worked in the garden, mainly weeding , but the exciting part is that we've been putting up my first ever greenhouse!

After deciding to take the gardening more seriously this year and try to produce more than the few potatoes and peas, which never make it to the table anyway, we would take the plunge and get a greenhouse to start us off with seedlings etc. The only trouble was that they all cost rather more than we had put aside for it :o( so my ever ingenius hubby set about trawling ebay for cheaper second hand ones; they would have had to been really cheap for us to afford one, but alas there was none.

I was down stricken for a while, my dreams of becoming a gardner in tatters when someone offered us their old greenhouse. Their dad had passed away three years before and their mum now felt ready to move on, so we dismantled it, transported it back to our garden and now it is standing in place and at this very moment in time getting some new glass put in; I am sooo excited! I've been out and bought Tomato seeds and have themn planted and growing on my windowsill ready to go in the moment I get the okay.

I've got to say I'm not a jigsaw person at the best of times so a big thank you goes to my hubby for doing this huge 3 dimensional one :o)
Picture will follow soon.

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Daughter of the "KING" said...

Thanks for this posting. It gives me encouragement and hope that we too will be able to find a cheap source for a greenhouse or find a way to make one thru recycle products.

Can not wait to see the pictures.