Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Lovely Summer's Day

We've had a really good day today, the fact that it was really sunny certainly helped, but yes, we've had a lovely relaxed day and even though it was relaxed we got lots done.

My youngest started off with MEP Maths, then fed and watered her animals (too many to list). After this we started to sow seeds, a little late but my greenhouse is up and ready now, then we moved into the front garden to dehead the daffodils and do a bit of weeding. We baked chapatti bread for lunch and then my youngest started reading about 'money' from a good little book I bought here. She did this out in the garden sun bathing with her big sis, whilst her brother was sunbathing too but of course he was on the laptop at the same time :o) He's currently working on a few websites and more updates for the DigiLapbook.

I bought this book too because the other book gives the basics but it really spends alot of time on the American Bank and money system whereas this one is on about the English pound and pence so they can learn about them both for good measure :o)

Eventually I hope to do this nifty little lapbook about money from Homeschool Helper or maybe combine it with 'Living with Less' by Hands of a child, I'm not sure yet.

When the sun started to fade we turned in and my youngest started doing photoshop and editing again, leaving me free to do this, where or where would we be without computers...

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