Thursday, 1 May 2008

Volcanoes and Earthquakes

This lapbook was done by my son a while back. I'm making the piccies a little bigger than the previous ones so that you can see the work, as I don't think the other size did the work justice.

Information about earthquakes is on the left and volcanoes on the right. The centre has two grids with holes in, to place over the text to allow you to read about either topic. I thought this was quite an original idea of my son's, and it works really well too.

The above is a comprehension game, the info is on one side of the flap and the questions on the other. The answers are stuck on with velcro to allow them to stick in place.
To get a little history into the lapbook he wrote Pliny's letter on the computer. I was really impressed with the work my son did on this lapbook, as usually he tries to write as little as possible!

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