Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I can't believe my last post was early in December; the time has flown by.
We started a Jesse Tree but only got to day 11 and then one by one we fell ill. We had a variety of coughs and colds etc to keep us going well into the new year but somehow the big day was not affected too much by it all :o)

I had a lovely time surrounded by family, everyone playing games and generally having a good time but almost as soon as this was over my thoughts started to turn towards goals for 2009.

Ideally I want to get fitter as I really don't do enough exercise, none of us do really with the exception of my youngest who does trampolining. I want to start flylady (again) and stick to it this time and finally get our bedroom sorted (it is definately the graveyard for everyone's junk).

Educationally I would love my son to knuckle down and get into the college that he wants and I would love my youngest to have a desire to learn the things I want her to learn as well as the thing she loves to do! I would love my oldest to finally sort herself out (her dreams and aspirations seem to change on a daily basis).
As for my hubby, well, last year had many upheavals for him on the job front and I would just like him to be happy and contented in his work.

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