Friday, 4 June 2010

More on Chemistry

We have been working our way through this book, albeit slowly but we are getting there. There is so much information in it that we keep going off on tangents so it's taking a while.

Here is the download we used for making candy compounds, common ones such as O, CO2, etc.

We started off with some simple compounds, even I could do these ones without much thought,

then we moved onto more complex ones, sadly I can't remember what this one is supposed to be but it looks impressive :o)

Below you can see a rather tasty looking Carbon atom. The nucleous has green and yellow sweets showing the neutrons and protons and the shells have red sweets showing the electrons. We used this template to make lots of other atoms but I won't show you all the photos but you get the gist of it; we got through lots of packets of wine gums :o)

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