Sunday, 21 February 2010

It's been a looong time since I posted on here and soooo much has happened in our lives that I don't know where to begin so that you get caught up! It is probably going to be a jumbled up affair and by that I mean that it's not in date order of how things happened but here goes...

My hubby has taken on the role of Northern Area Manager (finally). It is very demanding on our time as a family but that's life, I just keep thanking God that he has a good job when so many people are loosing theirs.

Our eldest daughter is saving to buy a house with her boyfriend and then they will get married at a later date, not exactly the way I would have liked it but at least she has found true love and happiness.

Our middle child left home ed and went to Zenos Academy to study I.T, something that he has dabbled in for many years but finally took the plunge and gained some qualifications: MCDST, MCP, ADITP, A+ Technician, NVQ Level 2 Maths and English, Advanced apprenticeship. He also achieved the following awards: Best performance in gaining a Microsoft Qualification in the Newcastle Academy, Best performance in gaining a Microsoft Qualification in the North of England. (I am obviously extremely proud of him) He is back home now and cooking ginger snaps in the kitchen :o)

Our youngest has been continuing with lapbooks (I have heaps of photos to get on here but that will have to be done over a few days I think) and we have started a Charlotte Mason approach to her education which at the moment is going well and she says she is learning lots and enjoying herself. She has stopped going to trampolining, so far she's done archery, horse riding, Girl Guides, trampolining and this year it's ice skating. We have a few newcomers to the family in the form of hamsters, rabbits and dogs but more about them in another post... off to try out the ginger snaps... sure is good to have him back :o)

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