Friday, 6 August 2010

2nd Week of Hols

So far I've had a lazy week this week, no teaching, answering questions or dashing out to appointments and I have to say I'm thoroughly enjoying it, just not sure I could do this every week .

During my relaxation week I made Cinnamon Streusal Muffins from here (scroll right down to the bottom for the recipe) and here's my photo below:

They were a huge hit with the family even though I put lots of cinnamon in, I love cinnamon!

During a shopping trip in town I bought my first lot of provisions for the new school year, photo below. I'm trying to spend less this year, but the diaries are a must as my daughter loves having a meet up and writing in what she has to get done and what she wants to get done and then ticking it off as she gets it done. It just means that she's not waiting around for me if I get sidetracked doing something else :o) The purple one is my daughter's so the red one is mine, they were a bargain at £1.49 each and the handwriting pens were £1 for the lot.

Planning wise: I've got on really well, I know what I want us to do, my daughter has okayed most of that and added what she wants to get done, so now it's just fitting it all in. I've worked out that next term we'll only do 3 1/2 days academic work, so it's going to be tough going but that's the challenge I suppose :o)

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