Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Shakespeare Lapbook

I've put off posting piccies of this one as each time I look at them I feel so horrible, selfish and pushy, you know the total opposite of what us home ed mums are 'supposed' to be like.
Even at the time of 'making' my youngest finish it off I knew that I was wrong and that it didn't really matter whether she completed it or not, that she would get around to Shakespeare in her own good time but Noooo I had to keep at it until it was done.

So I was left with a completely unhappy child, frazzled mum, and a half hearted lapbook... still we all learn by mistakes don't we and I certainly have!
Above is the front cover, it is of Shakespeare on stage with sweeping stage curtains.

This the left hand side of lapbook. It's a review of two plays that we either read about or watched on the tv. We were lucky enough to have the re-runs from the BBC of the plays in cartoon or puppettry format so this helped a great deal in our enjoyment of them. A timeline of Shakespeare's life runs along the top of the lapbook.

The middle section with information about the different kind of writing Shakespeare did and info on The Globe Theatre, again the timeline across the top.

Above is the left hand side, again with timeline along the top and review booklets of two plays. My youngest enjoyed drawing and colouring them in; she enjoyed Romeo and Juliet the best.

An unfinished cut and glue Globe Theatre. By this stage I really didn't have the heart to insist that she finish it as she truly had had enough of Shakespeare to last a life time. I got this from a really good site that has heaps of things to make.

The books I picked up very cheaply from a second hand shop and the videos we had from when my previous children studied Shakespeare. I got all of the print outs from Jimmie's site I think, but it was a while back now so I may be wrong about that, please correct me if I am.
So on the whole not a complete disaster, the lapbook came out quite well and we didn't stay unhappy and frazzled for too long :o)
We moved onto The Victorians but I don't think she is doing a lapbook, the human body with a lapbook and we've started doing Geography now and my youngest is doing a lapbook on rivers. So all is not lost, she still enjoys lapbooking, just not Shakespeare ;o)


Anonymous said...

It's lovely! I love the curtain on the cover. :) We frequently don't absolutely finish things too. It seems rather like winning the battle (completed lapbook) but losing the war (they no longer enjoy doing them!). Please tell your daughter I'm quite impressed and she did a fabulous job!

Jimmie said...

What a neat coincidence to find this post today. (I was looking for something totally different, btw.)

The link with the printables is Shakespeare for Children.
And I've just made another page called Hands-on Shakespeare.

The lapbook looks great, and you are right about forcing the project. It's a fine line between teaching persistence and causing overkill. Been there too many times, so I know. :-)

I agree that the stage curtain is a lovely touch.

Would you allow me to use this photo on the Shakespeare lens?