Tuesday, 10 March 2009


I can't believe I haven't yet posted in February and it's nearly half way through March!
Anyway here's a quick catch up:

My youngest has made a good start with Year 7 maths using conquermaths; starting with the number system, fractions and now decimals.

In science we've finished rocks and the rock cycle, completing work sheets on these to see how much had been retained... the less said about that the better.

We have finally finished our Timeline on the Georgians (hurray!) I found this time period to be very boring which is unusual for me as I love history, but I just couldn't get into this at all but my youngest loved it... all the make-up and fashion I expect.

In English we've started to read a book about Charles Dickens intending to write a biography on him at the end; this seems a long way off at the moment as it is slow going for us both. I would much rather be reading one of his many novels but it's not about me is it?! Maybe this is payback time for Shakespeare (see previous post).

For Geography we are reading 'Raging Rivers' and have designed raised beds for our vegetable plot, nothing to do with rivers but they needed doing. These have now been built and painted and are looking great ready for the plants.

We've also had half term in the middle of February so that meant downing tools and lots of play with Natalie (school friend). Being home edded you have to make the best of the time available to you I suppose; I had a lovely stress free week too :o))

We also had 3 major birthdays during the month so we've had lots of family celebrations.

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