Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Spring has sprung!

Wow! We've had a lovely few days of sunshine here and it's made such a difference to the garden. We've put up the back fence now and given it a coat of paint, unfortunately it will need another one though. We've been buying various shrubs and climbing plants ready to plant in the back and we've sorted out the front garden too. All this activity has left me feeling a little tired but very, very happy!

The Human Body project continues. We went to a workshop about the human brain as part of the Newcastle Science Festival and had a go at creating our own out of a kind of play dough material...
The above one is mine... it is a little flat because I did it as a side view cut in half. My daughter's (below) is much rounder and in my opinion looks more like a brain, but she is the crafty one in our household. I don't seem to have a photo of my son's and hubby chickened out.
We also saw some real brains when watching Victorian Farm as the lady made 'brawn' using cow's brains yuk!
We are plodding on with 'The Victorians' too using a few chapters out of SOTW. Below is a model of The Crystal Palace made out of paper, this one is obviously not as stable as the original ;o)

Also did a bit out of a chemistry set that my youngest has been wanting to do for ages! This is were she separated a mixture. All easy stuff really, don't know why I put it off, I must do more of it with her.

Then, of course, we celebrated mother's day with lots of choccies,cards and flowers and yet more gardening. We went and finished Granny's path for her, so now she can walk easier on it, hopefully without falling over.

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