Thursday, 11 November 2010

Edwardian Farm and Downton Abbey

We've been looking at the Edwardian time period recently, quite by accident really. We started watching this and then this and you can read the blog about the Edwardian Farm here. We also saw a programme on a few nights ago about setting up a high street during the Edwardian time period called Turn Back Time, there's a type of blog about it here.

It's a time period that we haven't looked at before so we've learnt alot already just by watching the programmes without getting any books out but I suspect we'll get them out fairly soon and then look at World War One as my youngest is keen to do some of the worksheets here.
We also have a Hands of a Child lapbook about World War 1 but I'm not sure whether we'll go into it in that much depth yet, maybe next year, because the Middle Ages study is taking longer than I anticipated as the period is such a large one to do about. (Will post more about Middle Ages when finished).

Below are some Edwardian links I intend to use over the coming weeks:
Here is a link for colouring pages.
Here is a website with lots of info on The Edwardians.
Here is a timeline.
Here is a worksheet on education during the time period
Here are tales from a London Tenement house.
There is lots of info on this site.
I think we'll round up with an Edwardian afternoon tea and scones, yes that sounds good... off to paint shields and prepare decorations for our Medieval Feast.

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