Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Reproduction Lapbook

My youngest has finished her first lapbook of the new school year, phew! I say phew! because I really didn't think we'd get started this year never mind actually finish one, so I'm really pleased.
It's one (from HOAC) I've had for quite a while now but I've been waiting for just the right moment to use it and that time has arrived :o)

We've followed a friends progress through her pregnancy and regularly see the development of her daughter. During all this my youngest's interest was aroused so we watched this, a fabulous informative documentary and we watched another one which I can't remember the name of but it had men dressed up in white suits running around pretending to be sperm, hmmm!

The above cover was done by my daughter using photoshop, something that I think she's getting very good at, but then I'm biased :o)

Above is a booklet on Chromosones and Genes.

Above are booklets about changes in boys and girls, below that is a three tiered booklet about puberty and hormone levels.

My daughter used different coloured card/paper to back the booklets in this lapbook which I think make it look alot better than just sticking them in but unfortunately the photos just don't do it justice at all :o(

This photo isn't too clear but the blue flaps at the top are about the male reproductive system and the ones below are about the female reproductive system.
The photo below is about the menstrual cycle and the parts of sperm.

The flaps below are all about fertilisation.

Below is about the fetus and the placenta.

My daughter even did the vocabulary and timeline, something that she usually runs out of steam with :o) The lapbook was rounded off with a whole page about genetics and twins.


Debs said...

Wow! Great job!!

Tricia said...

Very nice work!

Have Fun - Live Life said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, I'll pass them on to the one who did all the hard work :o)
Lisa xx

Vrichardson said...

Very nice! Great job! I was looking for a fun way to teach reproduction to my students and I think I've found it.

Lisa said...

Very neat! How old was your daughter when she did this?