Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Middle Ages Resources

As soon as the lapbook is completed I get a little lazy about putting up the resources we used and end up forgetting where I got most of them from but I'll try to do my best. My previous post has a few on it but I've posted a few more below:

Here are lots of lesson plans to go along with a few books that we read by Karen Cushman such as The Midwife's Apprentice, Catherine called Birdy and Matilda Bone.

Here is a Middle Ages site map which has absolutely loads of informations on it.

Here is a Paint the Cathedral Game.

Here is an interactive castle game.

Here is even more information on the Medieval time period.

My youngest didn't play this one but it sounds very good.

A collection of recipes can be found here.

As well as all of the above we read lots of books such as Castle Diary, which I bought from the library for 10p! The books already mentioned by Karen Cushman, The Kevin Crossley Holland Trilogy about King Arthur, The Once and Future King by TH White, also about Arthur; A proud taste of Scarlett and Minerver by Konisburg about Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and her famous husbands and children, this one has been read and reread already and much enjoyed. Robin Hood by Roger Lanclyn Green is another favourite; Black Horses for the King by Anne Mcaffrey, Fire Bed and Bone by Henrietta Temple, The Bedouins Gazelle by Francis Temple (I haven't read this one so can't say what it is about other than my daughter enjoyed it); Otto of the silver hand by Howard Pyle and Crusades by Elizabeth Laird, a particular favourite author of my daughter's.

We also used SOTW Middle Ages as our spine book along with Our Island Story.

We watched a few programmes from the BBC Medieval Season, but our favourite by far was Christina - Story of a Medieval Girl.

Last but not least is a quiz to see how much we learned.

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