Friday, 23 July 2010

African Lapbook and not a mention of football ;o)

The picture below isn't Africa, it's my daughter's 'Earth' cake, which we gobbled up when she did her Earth Lapbook but luckily I managed to take a photo of it complete with delicious icing. Africa is the green bit on the right hand side so I thought I may as well put it in here :o)

Now I can't remember what these are called but they are sweet pastries deep fried and then covered in honey. They are supposed to be interwoven but they separated when in the fryer but that didn't change the taste any, they were delicious and very sticky. I have the recipe somewhere if anyone wants to try them :o)
Below is my daughter's African mask and Door post she made from an African set we had.

This is the full display with her salt dough map and flags pin pointing the areas we studied, because I learned such a lot too, as always.
The front cover of her lapbook is just a map that I googled and printed out in colour.
At the top is a fact file on Middle Ages Africa,a booklet on my daughter's favourite country (Egypt) and another tribal mask.

Below is an African Slave Trade fact file, an unpainted shield and a habitats booklet.

At the top of the first page is a 'What I want to know' page and under neath is a huge file of animal facts. If you look on the left hand side you'll see that she kew where Africa was, the middle is what she hoped to learn and the right hand side is everything she did learn :o)

Showing some of the animal fact files below:

Predator and Prey sheets and a leaflet on African huts.

Lifecycle of a Mosquito, and fact files on Mosquitoes and a flap about the most leathal killer in Africa which I got about 5 years ago but I can't remember where from.
The map is a booklet with information and other maps underneath showing rivers, mountains and regions of Africa.

My daughter took notes when reading about Nelson Mandela and then typed it up.
Below is a page on David Livingstone's life. We used sticky back velcro on the back of the pictures so that they could stand up for display but be put down in the lapbook, it worked quite well. There is also a museum not far from us all about him called The David Livingstone Centre.

We made Adrinka cloths, cutting up pillow cases and tiedying them and painting on the markings. We threaded them with string on a straw and hung them up for display.
Since completing our lapbook I've found this, it looks really good.


coolmom9 said...

That's a great lapbook! if you don't mind my asking, how old was the child who completed it? did you use one of the lapbooking progams to do it? Thanks

Have Fun - Live Life said...

No, we didn't use a program, just read lots of books, watched documentries and did lots of craft and then wound it up in a lapbook.
Lisa xx

Joli said...

Great ideas. Thanks.