Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Earth Lapbook

I didn't mean to neglect my blog for quite so long, I had decided to make a real effort to blog at least a few times a week, but then the sun came out... and I mean really out! The weather here has been fantastic, really hot sunny days and still hot evenings and muggy nights and it's been continuing for a good few weeks now, well until yesterday when it poured down for most of the night.

So here are the latest photos of work done by my youngest. It is not the full content of her studies as she does lots of different things but these are the easiest to 'show off'.

This is two of Hands of a Child lapbooks put together, but my daughter decided to make it into a huge booklet instead. She braided bits of wool together and threaded it in the holes to keep it together. Doing about Earth was a last minute choice as I wanted to do a review of previous work and this fitted the bill perfectly :o)

This cover is self explanatory, I think, as it has a huge photo of the Earth on the front. This pic was 'photoshopped' by my daughter too.

The next page has information about the seasons and the planets. My daughter was well and truly disgusted that Pluto was not on the list of planets because it will always be one according to her :o)

The next phot has a day and night wheel, and a coloured in map of the continents.

More info about continents.

At the top is a Rotation and revolution flaps, a fact book abbout Earth anda booklet about how 'we must take care of our planet'.

Below is a 'layers of the earth' booklet and information on tectonic plates.

A fold out on the layers of the atmosphere...

... and flaps showing why it is so important.

Then she moved onto the soils and rock types and how land forms are made.

Below is a map and fact cards about the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, not to be confused with the Man-made Wonders of course ;o)

Moving onto natural resources and energy, renewable and non renewable.

A flap on biomes and one on magnetism below.

And finally the bodies of water on earth and a flap on the most interesting field of science...

... which of course is Zoology (animals).


Joi said...

This looks great! What 2 lapbooks did you use. We are going to be studying the Earth this year.

Have Fun - Live Life said...

I can't remember the exact names of them but they were the younger and older grade levels on 'The Earth' from hands of a child.
Lisa xx