Monday, 26 July 2010

French Revolution Lapbook

Well, I thought the last week of term would be spent winding down, finishing off, filing away, getting ready for the long summer hols, oh how wrong I was!
My youngest had watched a film on Marie Antoinette and wanted to know more about her, this of course, led on to the French Revolution, which led onto a lapbook. There's nothing wrong with this, it's great, home ed in action, but it was the last week, I was winding down and filing things away ready for the holidays... sigh!

So here it is the fastest printed out and put together lapbook in history!

Most of the information was from here and here.
We learned about the 3 estates, Marie Antoinette, Louis 16th, Napoleon, The Bastille, The Guillotine, The Tennis Court Oath, The French Flag, Voltaire and Rousseau, The Declaration of Man, The New Constitution of France and general French geography.
The printout lapbook flaps came from here and I really can't thank the person enough because we just wouldn't have been able to do this lapbook without her!
Below is a printed out power point presentation of the Lady who started this whole thing off! I took a photo of the front cover only.
Below is a 'made up' diary of someone who attended the beheading of Louis 16th.
And even though this whole project was 'a rush job' my daughter remembers in detail the things she learned, just goes to show that if the interest is there, they retain the information.


Joli said...

Looks good.

Jimmie said...

Wonderful lapbook! I've always been fascinated by the French Revolution. All of your lapbooks look really nice, in fact.

Chelle said...

Tell your daughter that is the nicest "rush-job" lapbook, ever!
Thanks for sharing the end results.

Jennifer Zimmer said...

Thanks for all your organization. We liked it for Grade 9.