Friday, 23 July 2010

Resources Day, Redundancies and Baby Hamsters

With the impending holidays and the new 'school' year around the corner our area held a home education resources day in a local church. It was really good to meet so many new and interesting families and meet up with the old ones that I already know.

Other home edders spoke on their various methods such as Steiner, Montessori, Structured, Autonomous, Classical and Charlotte Mason. It was great to have an insight into others days but it left me kind of wondering where we fit in...and I'm still wondering ;o)

We found a few books that we fancy for next year but we may have to hold off with any plans of buying them just yet as redundancies are being made at hubby's work over the next few weeks :o(

Once home we found the escaped baby hamster (not sure if I got around to posting about this) sitting outside the cage peering in at it's mum and brothers and sisters, so after a mad dash to catch it, it is now safely back where it belongs :o)

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