Saturday, 2 October 2010

All go here :o)

Wow! What a week!
We've been sooo busy this week ,it's been a real tonic, just what I needed...

We started our table/school work on Monday morning:
Maths with MEP Maths. This is free and starts at Primary level and goes up to GCSE.
English: CGP workbook, we already had these from my other child so it didn't cost us anything but I think you can get them slightly cheaper from Amazon or Ebay.
Geography: We decided to do a Cultures of the World lapbook from HOAC seen as we've done about the continents,we thought we'd learn about the people on the continents.
Science: We've started another HOAC lapbook on Reproduction. This was a free one from many moons ago that I'd been saving until the right time and I think that time has come.

Then off to Alison's in the afternoon for art. I went for coffee and chat with the other mum's at a cafe whilst all the children were at Alison's (another home ed mum with the patience of a saint, who forwent the coffee in favour of being surrounded by 6 teenagers).
When we got back youngest made delicious chocolate chip cookies, the sort that just melt in your mouth, yummmm.

When I started this post I intended to write about the full week but time has passed too quickly so I'll have to finish up later.

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