Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hard at work!

During our sort out we came across this model of the solar system belonging to my son. My youngest then repainted it after finding out about each of the planets online, which then led to her re-doing a Solar System Digilapbook using this (just click on the boxes to reveal the information about each planet.

Below Molly is taking an interest in the planets, I suppose they do look alot like the balls she plays with :o)

We've also been trying our hand at calligraphy, Medieval style, to coincide with our history middle ages lapbook (which is coming along nicely :o)). My youngest has so much patience for it, it's unbelievable, she really puts me to shame. Although her line goes a little wobbly on this sheet, she has all her letters correct and all the swirly squigly bits in the right place too. I haven't bothered to take a photo of mine because I only managed a couple of letters and even then I don't think I did them that well.

Here is the art group homework that my youngest has done ready for her class this week. It is wet on wet water colours. She had to choose a painting and copy it. I love the effect of water that she's done. She goes to art every other week with about 6 home ed teens and she's loving it.

My son is currently learning Java, which is a programming language for the web and computer programs and of course he is onhand to help out with our computer queries :o)
My eldest is currently enjoying half term, refuelling her batteries ready for the next onslaught of college work :o)

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