Friday, 29 October 2010

Half Term Holiday

The week started sooo well. I'd arranged for Granny and Granpa to deliver my youngest to art class whilst I stayed home and got on with the house work and packing for our short break. It would be so much fun taking a leisurely drive to my mam's and then staying over in our caravan for a few nights. Ironing done, packing almost done, tea cooked, everything still going well :o)

The family had got together and set off to collect the caravan. Once hooked up and ready for the off my hubby noticed something wrong with the car. The accelerator pedal had snapped! We couldn't move forward at any great speed at all but we had to get the caravan back in the compound and in it's usual position, now that was fun!

We rang the RAC man and arranged to meet him back at our home, so we slowly made our way home. The RAC man couldn't fix it so had to tow the car into the garage - at this point I rang my mam and explained that we wouldn't be going to see her afterall :o(

Hubby arranged a replacement car for the next day so undeterred we put our plans back into action and set off. We decided we would stay the night at mam's house and then return home the following day.

In the end we saw the funny side of it and had a lovely time and just thanked God that it hadn't happened when we were flying down the motorway, not that you can fly down the motorway with a caravan on the back but you know what I mean ;o)

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