Saturday, 20 March 2010

Edible Colour Wheel

Oooh! I'm blogging again, can't quite believe this, three nights in a row, I'll be done for child neglect if I'm not careful ;o)

Here's our latest art exploit, should have really gone on yesterday's post but never mind it's on now and that's the main thing. Basically it's an edible colour wheel, yum! It is so simple to do and so tasty to eat.

We baked the fairy cakes first and then mixed the icing up using food colouring to make the three primary colours, then mixed these up to make the secondary colours and again to make the tertiary colours, the yukky brown cake in the middle is a mixture of all colours. For a more detailed description of how to do it please go here


peapod said...

This is fantastic! Can't wait to try it out.

Have Fun - Live Life said...

Thanks, it tasted good too :o)
We didn't make enough icing really and really had to scrape out the cups to make the final few so make sure you make plenty :o)