Thursday, 25 March 2010

World War Two

Above is the decorated cover. My daughter used a variety of 'cigarette' cards with WW2 images on them which we bought as part of a pack from one of the many museum's we visited. This turned into a very long unit of study as we read many books, spoke to grandparents about their experiences and visited lots of museums some of which had live re-enactments of various stages of the war. We listened to music from the time period using a cd which came with this book; it even had an air raid warning on it!

Below is the pack which we bought, it has a ration book, identity card and various other things in it which my daughter loves. This led onto a discussion about having identity cards today - mixed feelings here about that topic!

We finished up the whole project with a WW2 meal. Some of the recipes were found in this book.

Unfortunately the camera quality isn't fantastic as this was before she got her new one.
My daughter cooked the whole meal herself and did a good job too. She was very tired afterwards though ;o)

I haven't taken a picture of the menu but you can just about make out Toad in the Hole, Woolton Pie (vegetables with mash on the top) and at the far end of the table is Jelly, Syrup Loaf, and Honey Cakes and a variety of vegetables for those who didn't eat the sausages. Also a dish of M&M's because the soldiers ate them in the trenches because they didn't melt in their hands.

Books we read included:

The Diary of Anne Frank, Carrie's War,
The Blitz, The Singing Tree , Letters from Rifka,
Number the Stars, The Endless Steppe, When Hitler stole Pink Rabbit,
The Dragonfly Pool , Life on the Home Front

We obtained the free teaching pack from Royal British Legion last November, it is available every year, so sign up and get it, it's full of great information specifically aimed at children.

Lots of information here, here and here; also had fun here.


Carolyn said...

Hi there. Looks great, especially her meal she cooked!!
We've been looking at WW11 but didn't find that lapbook template you used. here is it from?

natpac said...

I love what yall did!! I just finished our first lapbook. Well lets just say its a start!! Let me know where you gett all your goodies so I can show my family I look like a pro!!

peapod said...

This looks brilliant. Love the meal!

Debbie S. said...

I can tell how much time and involvement you put into this with your daughter! I LOVE all of the resources you provided and even purchased the book on Britain in the Blitz as it sounded fascinating and cannot wait for the CD! Thank you for sharing an AMAZING project and ideas which I will be able to use along with my son this summer.

Have Fun - Live Life said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments, my daughter loves reading them as do I :o)

We got the print outs from: