Thursday, 18 March 2010

Mesopotamia Notebook

Below are the piccies from my daughter's first attempt at Notebooking or at least how we perceive it to be. She enjoyed doing it (and learned alot) as it made a change from lapbooking but all the handwriting got a bit much towards the end.
The notebooking pages were from here

The first written page has a map of the area in the corner and information about the lay of the land and what 'Mesopotamia' means. This info was read in Story of the World and history reference books.

The next page has been devoted to King Sargon; his story is remarkably similar to that of Moses.
Next came Hammurabi and his many laws. The pic is of the code or laws which Hammurabi had carved into a monument which showed him getting the laws from the sun god.

The last page is of Nebuchanezzar, somewhere along the line we 'lost' Ashurbanipal and when we realised this my daughter had had enough of the writing, so she didn't bother ;o)

She didn't want to decorate this page or draw a piccie of him either. I think she was quite relieved when she finished writing it up because obviously she had written rough copies too, so all in all she ended up writing quite alot.