Monday, 15 March 2010

Science Festival

Over the next week or so there is a local science festival that happens each year. So far we have been to see 'Galileo and the Stolen Telescope' and to a workshop were we made our own DNA pendant. The Galileo event was very good. A man, in period costume gave a talk on Galileo and the stars etc and we got the opportunity to play with lenses and see through a telescope and learn how they work.

The DNA pendant workshop was about an hour long. We learned about DNA and why we have it and where it is in our bodies and how to extract it out of the nucleus so that we can actually see it. We ended up with a unique pendent.

Over the coming days we have a lot more science things planned, I only wish it was over a month rather than 10 days because there is so much we want to do, but so little time to fit it all in :o(

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