Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Resources for HB lapbook

There's been lots of interest in my daughter's Human Body lapbook so I've been trying to remember where everything came from, not an easy job seen as it was done last year and we've had a clean out of computers and the house, so most of info has gone I'm afraid but what I have I can now share with you all and hope that you have as much fun as we did.

The main lapbook is from Hands of a Child, human body one, not healthy bodies. Most of the downloads and printouts came from Ellen Mchenry site. A fantastic site full of all sorts of science stuff and some of it is free of charge. I used the digestive template for the t shirt in our lapbook as my daughter didn't want to wear the t shirt but it worked just as good on paper as on fabric; the brain hat was from here too and I'm utterly convinced that this is the site were 'Boney Bob' came from but I can't find it anywhere :o(

Below are the books we used: 'How your body works' is very good with the naughty bits... there isn't any, on the other hand the Dorling Kingsley book below that one is very lifelike and detailed, not my daughter's cup of tea at all, too gory for her liking. The HB Action pack was very informative with heaps of activities in it to do.

We also used anything and everything off the internet, as my daughter is a very 'hands on' learner. For more info and a few websites please see my previous post on the hb lapbook. I hope you find this useful and have fun doing yoiur own.


Daughter of the "KING" said...

thanks for the resources. I am still looking for Boney Bob. I did not find him at the one site.

Daughter of the "KING" said...

might this be it?

Have Fun - Live Life said...

No that isn't it either :o(
I'm convinced it was from Ellen Mchenry site, so much so that I've emailed her to ask. I'll keep you posted if I find anything out.


Have Fun - Live Life said...

Below is the email from Ellen so I'm at a loss as to where I got it from, sorry :o(

I can't think of any skeletons on my site. I have a circulation game which is a large body, but not a skeleton. Sorry! The skeleton seems to have eluded you once again. ;)

Daughter of the "KING" said...

Thank you so much for trying to find the Boney Bob for me. I really appreciate the effort you have taken to find it. :)

Daughter of the "KING" said...

I think I have found Boney Bob, after I had given up hope of finding it.

go to this link, click on Activities/Teaching Resources, click on Life Size Printouts, and TaDa there it it.

Have Fun - Live Life said...

Aww thank you, I'd given up hope too but I'm still getting people asking me so thank you so much. I promise to document my findings better in the future ;o)

Lisa xx