Friday, 19 March 2010

Guinea Pig Lapbook

We recently acquired two guinea pigs, I say recently but, actually it was last year now from a rescue centre... yes there really are rescue centre's for Guinea Pigs... so naturally the next thing to do was to complete a lapbook on them.

I eventually found one at hands of a child . I was a little unsure at first because the grade level was below that of my daughter and I feared she might have found it too easy but I shouldn't have worried. She was so excited about doing it that she wanted to get started right away so I handed it over and let her run with it.

I am pleased to say that she finished it in record time, learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed every minute and that's what it's all about isn't it? I think we all learnt something from it actually so I need not have worried about the grade levels, after all it doesn't matter what age you are, if you haven't read about guinea pigs before then you will definately learn something new.

Below are the photos of the lapbook, I'll try to get a few shots of the actual guinea pigs later and post them up at the bottom too.


HiseweRachel said...

Very Nice!

Sarah said...

We bought our oldest DD an albino American cavy in Feb. she is a Cloverbud in 4H but needed more challenge so she's taken the guinea pig project and I think I may have to see if my DH will let me purchase this so she can do both for school and her show and tell in July.

Looks great