Friday, 19 March 2010

Rivers Lapbook

Above is the cover page of our River lapbook, originally it was covered in green glitter all around the outside but it has almost rubbed off with everyone holding it. We were going to re apply but we were begged not to, by a green fingered hubby ;o)

Above photo has a pull down four part flap with info about how a river erodes, below that one is a two flap about flood plains being good for farming and at the very bottom is a three tab booklet about how a river erodes, deposits and transports it's load.

The above photo shows simple folds with information about rivers flowing from side to side, shapes of river valleys, where waterfalls occur and upland rivers having steep sides. I particularly like all the colourful drawings my daughter did to illustrate each point perfectly.

I love these drawings... so much so that I didn't take a photo of the insides but there is plenty of information in there about river basins, source of a river and about rivers becoming deeper towards their mouth.
Below is a fold down flap about meanders and how they deposit their load on the inside bend to form a slip off slope.

The below photo shows the four ways a river transports it's load.

Above is a very colourful water cycle wheel. The photo below has even more info on rivers and their load.

Above and below are photos of my daughter's booklet about famous rivers, well, the three that she wanted to do about :o) This was done on 'Publisher' on the computer, she designed it herself and chose the colour gradients and pictures and I think she's done a lovely job. She made the clever little flap thing that holds it in place too.

The lapbook folds were from here and the information came from a Letts book which you'll find here. The geography book was very thorough but a little dry for our liking so we supplemented with a horrible geography book which covered more or less the same things but in a much more child friendly way.

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